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Moncoeur Akseli Pear Stud Earrings

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Product Details: Moncoeur pear shaped earrings Akseli are made of 925 sterling silver, which is processed with 92,5% of valuable real silver and 7,5% consisting of an alloy of other metals. They are decorated with 6 round zirconia stones. Single earring has three Swarovski crystals, one is in the middle in a diameter of 2,0mm and the other accompanying crystals are in a diameter of 1,30mm each. These adorable earrings are a precious gift choice that makes every woman happy. Show your loved one your feelings with these pretty earrings.


*925 sterling silver processed with 92,5% of valuable real silver and 7,5% consisting of an alloy of other metals.
*The rhodium plating process is applied on all silver products to enhance the luster of the metal.

Comfort Fit

Through long standing expert knowledge in the jewelry production and continuous improvement process, we know very well what really matters. We especially attach importance to the quality and wearing comfort of our products.


All Moncoeur Diamonds products are carefully packaged in a beautiful jewelry box so you can present them in style and store them safely. For the rather inconspicuous stowage, there is also a velvet bag, so you do not have to worry about a surprise and whether your piece of jewelry is uncertain or noticeable in your pocket. You can easily place your order and look forward to the finished piece of jewelry.

Care Instructions

*Store your silver piece in its original box or pouch so that it isn't scratched by other jewelry.
*Avoid contact with humidity, cosmetics, household bleach and other strong chemicals.
*Wipe your silver jewelry with a cotton cloth after wearing and before putting away.
*Clean your jewelry with warm and soapy water and completely dry it with a damp cotton cloth.

About Moncoeur Diamonds

Funded to combine the classy glamor of diamonds and gemstones with modern designs, Moncoeur Diamonds is appreciating the highest quality. Thereby, our production is always cycling improvement processes. Our educated staff is working with highly developed machines from Germany to produce qualitative products that are satisfying customer wishes. During the jewelry production process, the gemstones are figuring prominently. Because of this, we are picking the best stones out of thousands of stones for you. Every stone is unique and makes the product into your well customized ornament.

  • Expert Craftsmanship

    Thanks to years of experience, our expert craftsmen are making brilliant and high-quality jewelry delicately.  You can wear your piece for many years.

  • 30-Day Free Returns

    We pay attention to your shopping experience. You can return your jewelry in 30 days with its original box. You can freely purchase your piece.